Recent Sermon Notes

1/10/2021 – Exodus 16:14-36
1/3/2021 – Exodus 16:1-13
12/27/2020 – Exodus 15:22-27
12/20/2020 – Christmas Responses
12/13/2020 – Exodus 15:1-21
12/6/2020 – Luke 2:8-11
11/29/2020 – Killick Aristide
11/22/2020 – Providence – The Pilgrim’s Doctrine
11/15/2020 – Exodus 14:15-21
11/8/2020 – Exodus 14:1-14

Helpful Learning Materials

Church Introduction
Church Covenant
Children’s Ministry
Bible Translation
Christian Music
Have Tongues Ceased?
Do I Have Saving Faith?
The Local Church: Your Place of Ministry
Edwards on spiritual pride
Notes on Letters on Revival by Porter
William Bell Riley (1861-1947)Slides

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Northeast Regular Baptist Fellowship of Churches
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Bible Education

Godly Leaders: A Study of the Pastoral Epistles (1&2 Timothy and Titus)

Lesson 1 – “Three Leaders and Their Three Letters” – Overview
Lesson 2 – “The Call to Leadership” – 1 Timothy 1

Family Fundamentals study guide

Why do Christian churches worship on Sunday instead of Saturday?

What We Believe

Principles of Christian Growth

Course Outline
Discussion answers and suggestions
Part 1 – What Is Christian Growth?
Lesson 1 – Christian Growth Begins with Spiritual Life
Lesson 2 – The Goal of Christian Growth Is Christlikeness
Lesson 3 – Freedom from Sin Helps Us Grow
Lesson 4 – Freedom from the Law Helps Us Grow
Lesson 5 – The Holy Spirit is Critical to Our Christian Growth
Lesson 6 – Christian Growth Is Spiritual Warfare
Lesson 7 – Christian Growth Has a Special Focus on the Tongue
Part 2 – How Do I Grow as a Christian?
Lesson 1 – We Grow by Abiding in Christ
Lesson 2 – We Grow by Using God’s Word
Lesson 3 – We Grow through Prayer
Lesson 4 – We Grow through Confession
Lesson 5 – We Grow through the Ordinance of Baptism
Lesson 6 – We Grow through the Ordinance of the Lord’s Table
Lesson 7 – We Grow through the Local Church’s Ministry
Lesson 8 – We Grow through God’s Discipline
Lesson 9 – We Grow through Suffering
Lesson 10 – We Grow through the Promise of Reward
Part 3 – What Are the Results of Christian Growth?
Lesson 1 – The Fruit of the Spirit is a Blessing of Growth
Lesson 2 – Witnessing and Disciple-making are Blessings of Growth
Lesson 3 – A Godly Marriage is a Blessing of Growth
Lesson 4 – A Godly Home is a Blessing of Growth
Lesson 5 – Personal Holiness is a Blessing of Growth
Lesson 6 – Decision-Making in the Will of God is a Blessing of Growth
Lesson 7 – Glorification of God is a Blessing of Growth

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